Spiker beach summer club training series

June 20th – September 2nd



Spiker Beach club training offers advanced training in beach volleyball skills, agility and tournament strategy. We encourage our club members meet and try new partners while playing in summer tournaments in order to foster the growth of interpersonal skills and competitive experience.

AGES: Girls & Boys – 8th – 12th grade
Levels: Girls & Boys – Advanced players

Time Girls Club: 8:00am – 10:00am
Time Boys Club: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Special August Back to School Option: Split schedule*

: Monday – Friday**
Price: Monthly pricing
Choose your days per week and Month(s)
June – will be prorated
August – will allow for a split month option for those going back to school in August
(Billing for club training will occur prior to the month start date for your convenience)

$440 – 2x a week
$590 – 3x a week
$690 – 4x a week
$740 – 5x a week

Membership: $150 Summer Club Membership – one time fee for all registrations***
(Members receive a Spiker Beach Gear Package. One time Summer Membership must be paid at the time of submitting your Training Packages to reserve your spot)

Sign up for the month(s) and days you wish to attend. Weekly sessions are non-transferable.
*We are offering a split schedule for August for those going back to school in August. The Split schedule option will allow athletes to train the regular summer morning schedule from August 1st to August 12th. Beginning August 15th the schedule will be 4:00pm – 6:00pm. You will choose this option when purchasing August training package.

**Make up days are not permitted in summer. Change of days are permitted based on schedule availability and must be submitted to our administrative email no later than 12pm the Friday before the week the change is to take place. There are no exceptions, we value every athlete and strive to maintain our training standards by keeping a strict coach to athlete ratio. We appreciate everyone’s help in maintaining a strong club.

***Spiker Beach Summer Membership – is a summer only membership (does not transfer to club season) and is required for anyone joining the club this summer. This membership includes Lululemon Spiker Gear. Distribution of gear is based on availability. We will be ordering our gear in lots based on sizes submitted to make sure we have your correct sizes. Any questions about Spiker gear and inventory, please see Coach Chandler Gibb who will be managing the distribution of membership gear.

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