Sand Stars winter Spring Training – January 2nd to June 13th

Sand Stars Training Days
Tuesday & Thursday

No Training
The club will not be training on the following dates:
January 1st
May 27th

Sign up for training package and days you wish to attend. Billing will be on a reoccurring system. For your convenience, your training will billed to your card on the first of the month going forward. Training packages are non-transferable. Should you need to change packages please reach out to our administrative email to arrange for package updates. Credit card fees will be assessed for any packages changes or package cancellations.

Make up days are not permitted for 2x a week. 1x week  packages can change your day within the week but must reach out 24 hrs prior to the package session to reschedule. Walk ons are not allowed for any reason, we value every athlete and strive to maintain our training standards by keeping a strict coach to athlete ratio. We appreciate everyone’s help in maintaining a strong club.

To complete your registration and be scheduled, please choose from the training packages.  Space is limited and it is first come, first serve for day slots.