Training with Spiker Beach FAQs
Protocols, parent viewing, parking, Tournaments & More

What you need to know when you are training with Spiker Beach.

Location, drop off and parent viewing

Here is what you need to know about visiting Spiker Beach

  • Spiker Beach is located on the North-most courts at Newland Street in Huntington beach.
  • Masks are not required at drop off or while being outside with us at Newland street beach courts.
  • Parents are welcome to come to our practices, we ask that they do not interrupt practices and are respectful to our coaches while we are in session.
  • We encourage everyone to allow athletes to approach the check in with the coaches on their own.
  • If you are dropping-off or picking-up at our Newland location, there is a roundabout but it usually blocked off. You can drop off there but we ask you do not park there for any length of time as a courtesy to others.
  • Parking at Newland is $15 per day or you can purchase a parking permit from Spiker Beach for $50 they are good for the calendar year. In the summer they are not good on the weekends. There are usually open entrances at Magnolia and Beach Blvd.

training packages – missed sessions – make up sessions

Spiker Beach Packages
Spiker Beach club seasons offers packages, not single sessions and we charge via a reoccurring billing system monthly. Should you start week 2 or 3 of month we prorate by day after the first week. Our Athletes are placed into a set schedule in order to maintain the Athlete to Coach ratio ensuring the best training experience for everyone. You can reach out to us to change your package or to cancel training at any time.

Make Up Policy (Club Season)
Make up days are permitted and based on schedule availability, cancellations must be submitted to our administrative email at minimum one day prior to the session. In return you will have a make up day and 30 days to contact us to use your day (we do not allow walk ons). There are no exceptions, we value every athlete and strive to maintain our training standards by keeping a strict coach to athlete ratio. We appreciate everyone’s help in maintaining a strong club.

When we look at the schedule we decide how many coaches we need send them for each day. If you do not show and do not notify us Jake still has to pay that coach. So you can see why with how large the club is right now why this policy is important.

Change of Schedule Policy (Summer Club)
Spiker Beach summer season will not be offering make up days. However summer club participants can opt to change the days within a given week (subject to availability in the schedule). All change of day request can be submitted via email and are due no later than 12pm the week before the change is to occur. We understand summer has a lot of obligations (travel, tournaments etc.). When you sign up for summer training you do have the option of creating your own schedule at the time you register.

weather and appropriate dress

Weather Cancellations

We are going to run into intermittent weather from time to time. All weather and beach closures will be posted on Instagram and Facebook, and we only will be posting cancellations or beach closures. Our club likes to train in some weather conditions to prepare our athletes for tournament play, so we may still have training in certain conditions.

Please check our social media for all training changes and updates. We ask that you refrain from reaching out to our team directly. Make ups will be applied to accounts when we issue a calculation.

Dress for the weather

Please pack/prep for our sessions like it will be a day at the beach. Potentially packing: comfortable clothes, layers/socks for cooler temps, towel, water, snack, hat, shades, and plenty of sunscreen. We do have a drinking faucet at the beach, however, please do your best to arrive with the water you may require for your 2hr. practice.

Cool/Cold Weather
Cooler weather can present some challenges for our athletes. Cooler temps. wet sand and ocean breezes can create cold/wet playing conditions. Please bring some extra layers and sand socks to practices. Don’t forget your sunscreen, towel and water.

Warm Weather
Warm weather can be very harsh and the sand can get very hot. Please be sure to bring sand socks, towels, pre-apply sunscreen, and have plenty of water.

club uniform

We ask our members to wear Spiker Beach gear when representing us at a club tournament. Certain tournaments, such as the BVCA will mandate the uniform specifications.

more items of interest

Spiker Membership items

Spiker Beach annual Membership – is a club only membership and requited of all athletes, it allows members to train with us in the calendar year only (Winter/Spring/Fall club seasons). It does not transfer to or from the Summer season. and is required for anyone joining the club during the calendar year. This membership includes our sponsor Lululemon Spiker Gear. Distribution of gear is based on availability. We will be ordering our gear in lots based on sizes submitted to make sure we have your correct sizes. Be sure to visit should you need more information on sizes,

Any questions about Spiker gear and inventory, please see Coach Chandler Gibb who will be managing the distribution of membership gear. Coach Chandler will be distributing gear as we receive it, if you purchased gear please see him prior to training. He packs out available gear once a week.

Spiker Parking Passes

Spiker Beach parking passes are $50 and are good for the calendar year. Spiker Beach parking passes are only good for days when Spiker Beach is training or holding an event. Regular recreational use is not included for these discounted passes and in summer the passes are not good on the weekends. To purchase your pass Click Here and once you have paid, check with Coach Chandler Gibb at your next practice, they will have the list of paid passes. We do our best to keep passes on hand, however we are subject to the availability of passes from the State.

Tournaments & Eligibility

Spiker Beach Club vs Club tournaments are open to active Club Members (this is anyone who has a Club Membership, Summer Memberships are not considered Club Memberships), that are actively training with us. Athletes will need register with the club tournament host (BVCA/AVP) athletes cannot play on behalf of any other beach volleyball clubs during the season.

When a tournament is announced, we will publish an “Expression of Interest” email to our members. To register your interest, athletes will fill out the tournament registration and pay for the tournament to be considered. You can register as an individual (the coaches will pair you at their discretion) or as a team (teams much have registrations from both athletes to be considered).

Tournament fees do not bill until we publish the roster and announce reserves. Should you not make the roster we will cancel the payment.

have a partner/need a partner

You do not need a partner to attend Spiker Beach sessions. We will pair you up at each session. If you do have a partner you are looking to train with, please communicate this with your coach.

private lessons

We offer private lessons, please contact Chan Gibb (714) 475-8975 to schedule your privates today.

social media – we want to hear from you

We want to hear about your latest tournament experience. Click Here to send Ryan Redira our social media team member your information and pictures so we can post them on our Instagram @spikerbeachvb.

keep in touch

If you have another family member that you would like to add to our email communications please Click Here to add them to the distribution list. This list communicates club offerings, summer release and open enrollment.

have a question

Have a question? Feel free to ask Gina, she is not always available but will get back to you as soon as possible. Click Here.

Tournament coaching athlete/Parent expectations

About Tournament Coaching Expectations

Coaching is a bonus, not a given. We have prepared our athletes to manage themselves in match situations. With that said we need everyone’s help to make these events a success for our athletes and for Spiker Beach. We have outlined some of our policies regarding athletes and parents representing Spiker Beach at tournaments.

Coach Contact during Match Play

If there is not a coach at your court, please do not text or call coaches. In addition to this, during match play do not communicate with coaches while they are coaching, either when they are on the sideline or during team huddles.

Tournament Uniforms

Players MUST wear Spiker uniform/gear at tournaments. This includes both the shorts and the tank top. You cannot tuck your shirt up or alter the uniform in any way. This is in accordance with NCAA standards. If you do not follow these guidelines you will not be eligible to receive coaching at AVP First, BVCA, and AAU events.

Outside Coaching

During specific events, including AAU or an AVP First events if you are playing with a non-Spiker Beach athlete you cannot accept outside coaching during match play.

Parent Expectations

Parents please abide by the rules set out for you. They vary from tournament to tournament but are generally: You are allowed to positively cheer for your player or team, you are not allowed to instruct or direct your player or team and you are not allowed to interact with the officials.

social media

Athletes and parents we ask you to tag @spikerbeachvb in all social media posts.

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