June Summer Training  –  June 17th – June 28th
Sign up for the month(s) and days you wish to attend. Weekly sessions are non-transferable. Make up days are not permitted in summer. Change of days within a week are permitted based on schedule availability and must be submitted to our administrative email no later than 12pm the Friday prior to the week the change is to take place. For your convenience, your June training will billed to your card on June 12th then auto cancel after the payment is complete.

To complete your registration and be scheduled, please choose from the training packages below and make sure you have paid your membership. We require both package and 2024 summer membership in order to get you on our training schedule. 2024 club memberships are non-transferable.

We have added the ability to provide a schedule of your days. Be sure to follow the guidelines for the days available for your package (if you provide more than allotted days we will not schedule the extra days) . Should you wish to add days outside of your package please reach out to pay for a drop in session.

Days are based on your package choice.
2x Week 4 days total for June
3x Week 6 days total for June
4x Week 8 days total for June
5x Week 10 days total for June

Space is limited and it is first come, first serve for day slots.