Spiker Beach Summer Club Boys Training Series

July 8th – August 14th

Spiker Beach summer club training allows you to sign up for the months you wish to attend and choose the days you wish to attend based on your package. We recommend you log into your Spiker Beach account before making your purchases. If you are new to Spiker Beach – the system will automatically set up an account if you do not create one first. You may need to change your password on the next visit.

Spiker Beach club training offers intermediate and advanced training in beach volleyball skills, agility, and tournament strategy. We encourage our club members to meet and try new partners while playing in summer tournaments in order to foster the growth of interpersonal skills and competitive experience.

AGES: Boys – 8th – 12th grade
Levels: Boys – Intermediate – Advanced players
(Advanced on 8ft net)

Time Boys Club: 8:00am – 10:00am

No Training

July 8th – August 2nd (no training week of 7/1)
Monday – Thursday (advanced M/W/TH)
8:00am – 10:00am

August 5th – August 14th
Monday & Wednesday
8:00am – 10:00am
August 19th – 30th
U14 Boys only can come to afternoon sessions
4:15pm – 6:15pm

Price: Monthly pricing

Choose your days per week and Month(s)

July – will be billed at 4 weeks

August – will be prorated for either 2 or 4 weeks (U14 can train all 4 weeks training)

(Billing for club training will occur prior to the month start date for your convenience)

$462 – 2x a week (4-week schedule)
$620 – 3x a week (4-week schedule)
$775 – 4x a week (4-week schedule)

Half Month $247 – 2x a week
(2-week schedule)
U14 Full Month (4:15pm start August 19th) $462 – 2x a week (4-week schedule – 8 sessions)

Boys Optional Membership Competition Package:

$150 Summer Boys Club Competition Package – optional for boys which will get you Spiker Beach competition gear. Please reach out if you are interested.

Sign up for the month(s) and days you wish to attend. Weekly sessions are non-transferable.

The club will be technically closed August 19th to September 4th. We will have guest coaches the last 2 weeks of August Fall club training will resume in September.

Make up days are not permitted in summer. Change of days within a week are permitted based on schedule availability and must be submitted to our administrative email no later than 12pm Friday before the week the change is to take place. There are no exceptions to this policy We value evrey athlete and strive to maintain our training standards by keeping a strict coach to athlete ratio. We appreciate everyone’s help in maintaining a strong club.

***Spiker Beach Summer Membership – is a optional summer only membership/competition package (does not transfer to club season) and is required for anyone joining the club this summer. This membership includes Lululemon Spiker Gear. Distribution of gear is based on availability, we will be ordering our gear in lots based on sizes submitted to make sure we have your correct sizes. Any questions about Spiker gear and inventory please see Coach Chandler Gibb who will be managing the distribution of membership gear.

please fill out the registration below before purchasing your membership and package

Once you submit your registration form, scroll down to purchase your Optional summer club membership and choose your training packages.
Spiker Beach Summer 2024 Club Boys Registration

2024 SUMMER Boys
Club Registration

Please fill out the entire club registration, your registration form is not complete until you hit "Submit" (mobile devices may have several pages to complete).

Upon successful completion of the form you will be redirected to the payment section of our registration page. This information is vital to keeping all of your information up to date. Once you are directed to the  payment section of this page where you can purchase your 2024 Summer Training Packages.

We must have a completed registration form, Summer Club Training Package for each month to complete your registration to train with us this Summer (2024 Club Members must submit a complete registration as well). Spiker Beach does not allow walk ons to our club for any reason. We will ask for a medical release prior to your first day (a link to this can be found in menu).

Boys Summer Club training will be from 8am - 10am  Monday - Thursday in July and M/W in August (we will allow U14 to train with us when we train in the afternoons starting August 19th). To train with us this Summer you will need to purchase a s Summer training package and select the months and days you would like to join. Space is limited and we will close registration once we hit our maximum capacity.

This Summer we will not be allowing make up days. However, you can change the days you have prescheduled within the week only (This will be strictly enforced as summer is just too busy for the club.) The deadline for any changes is Friday at 12pm prior to the week you want to reschedule.  Training Packages must be paid prior to reserving your spot on the schedule. For your convenience, Training Package billing will be charged prior to the beginning of the month you are scheduling.

Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you on the beach soon!

Athlete Information

Parent /Guardian Information

Policy Acknowledgment

Summer Policies - we will not be allowing make up days. However, you can change the days you have pre-scheduled within the week only. The deadline for any changes is Friday at 12pm prior to the week you want to reschedule. Both Membership and Training Packages must be paid prior to reserving your spot on the schedule. Walk on visits are not permissible, all visit must be pre-scheduled in advance.

please Choose Your Months and Choose Your packages And Purchase your Competition Package

Click on the month you want to sign up for
New To Spiker Beach – The system will give you an account unless you set one one up First
Spiker Beach Members – Always Best to sign in before making a purchase for a better experience.

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